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In a nutshell, the practice of yoga and mindfulness encourages a deeply holistic and unified approach towards life.  A yogic and mindful attitude unfolds in us a complete and integral understanding of the interconnection between body, mind and spirit. When the mind enters a state of deep relaxation and stillness, beyond the thoughts and emotions, whether joyful or troublesome, when there is perfect equilibrium and a sense of inner peace, we have moved into meditation.


Yvi offers bespoke affordable 1 to 1 classes/ private small groups of up to 5 which are available throughout the week/ weekend.


Classes offer a fusion of hatha, kundalini, raja and bhakti yoga, emphasising a mindful and integrated understanding of your being. Slow deepening stretches flow and alternate with more dynamic strengthening sequences, synchronizing movements and breath to become a dynamic meditation. From here you will explore some of the wonderfully versatile pranayamas and experience for yourself their powerful effect on your body and mind.  Guided meditation practices, deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and chanting techniques will then allow you to become still and connect with the drashta (witness or spectator) who observes all that happens within and around us. 

Hands on adjustments to postures are offered throughout, allowing you to bring your body into best possible alignment available to you and work with the level you are at.


Babies very welcome :) Relaxed classes to tone, strengthen and re-align body, mind and spirit after pregnancy and giving birth, to re-connect with yourself,, baby and other new mums!. Classes have gentle approach offering movement,  breath awareness, deep relaxation and chanting (babies love the harmonium!)

A little time to recharge, replenish and just be!

Below a few of the benefits most relevant to postnatal mums:

  • Strengthens the back, abdominal & pelvic floor & abdominal muscles

  • Tones tissues

  • Improves posture

  • Releases general muscular aches & tensions

  • Relieves neck, shoulder, back pain

  • Balances hormones

  • De-stress

  • Promotes deep relaxation, helps with postnatal anxiety & depression

  • Connect with baby

  • Develop a sense of trust & confidence

  • Healing emotionally 

  • Reclaiming your body, mind and spirit 


Guided classes explore practices to unwind your mind and emotions, to relief & manage stress or anxiety, revive your energies, find inner strength, calm and spiritual upliftment. Uncover simple yet mighty ways to bring about a greater sense of balance,  harmony, health and well-being and a more refined awareness into your day to day life.


From the importance of the breath as a bridge between the outer and inner world, the concept of nadis or energy channels in the body and vital energy centres known as chakras, to the universal sound of Om and mantra meditation that lead to ultimate stillness within, you will learn about the subtle realms of our existence and how we can get in tune with our real inner self. 



Restorative practices as well as some gentle flow yoga, breathing techniques, replenishing relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation. Practices are chosen to alleviate discomforts during pregnancy and encourage overall physical health and well-being as well as mental-emotional balance. 

Below a few typical issues occurring during pregnancy that yoga can help:

  • Swollen limbs and fluid retention

  • Cramps

  • Leg Pain

  • Back pain

  • Headaches

  • Anxiety about birth and the new life ahead

  • Insomnia

  • Mood swings 

A beautiful class to connect with baby, yourself and other mums-to-be, to recharge, develop a deep sense of empowerment and prepare for a mindful birth. 


A combination of a bespoke yoga class suited to your personal abilities & needs, followed by a wonderfully relaxing and invigorating full body or back massage. The treatment will begin with a one to one yoga class including a variation of physical postures (asanas) to strengthen, flex & tone your body inside out, breathing techniques (pranayam) to further enhance your physical & mental well-being and increase/ balance your ... energy levels followed by a small mindfulness meditation practice. After the more active part of the session you can now completely let go as you enjoy your well deserved massage treatment from top to toe or back only - as you wish!. The beneficial effects of this beautiful combination of complimentary treatments on your body-mind-spirit will last you long, plus of course you will take home the yogic practices and advice offered! 


Yvi has delivered yoga lessons to myself and two friends over the past few weeks and we are already reaping the benefits. We are all new to yoga and very inflexible but it simply doesn't matter - Yvi guides us through the moves focusing on our own ability levels, adjusting us as needed. There's no comparison or pressure that you might find in a large group setting. We are all gaining both physically and mentally. I highly recommend Yvi and the lovely space she works in for anyone who is new to the yoga world and wants a yoga teacher who is friendly, intuitive and kind.

— Katie Mintram