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Natural Face Lift Massage in Hove

Benefits of Face Lift Massage

The invigorating lifting and plumping techniques help reduce little lines & wrinkles, stimulate circulation and delay the signs of ageing, leaving your skin look smoother, younger and fresher. 

The gentle pressure also aids relieve tension from head and jaws, and people suffering from headaches or migraines would benefit greatly (especially if booked together with a back and neck massage)!

Some beneficial effects of this treatment :​

  • helps reduce fine lines/ wrinkles / nasolabial folds/ crows feet

  • makes skin look younger, fresher and plump

  • relieves headaches/ migraines

  • helps reduce teeth clenching

  • reduces facial tension/ frowning

  • aids reduce sinus pain/ congestion

  • improve facia blood and lymph flow

  • improve assimilation of nutrients

  • aid removal of toxins

  • alleviates mental and emotional stress

Face Lift Massage - What to expect?

A wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating treatment offering natural techniques to stimulate and tone the facial muscles and skin. We will start the treatment with a gentle face and neck cleanse, using wonderfully scented  lavender or rose water. Thereafter you will enjoy some gentle effleurage of décolleté, neck and face followed by the firmer but very relaxing face lift massage, systematically kneading away any tension, tightness and lines from the upper neck and face. Usually a natural light carrier oil is used induced with a few drops of finest lavender or rose essential oil, or alternatively a wonderfully nourishing and divinely smelling natural sheer butter. We will finish with a brief but very soothing head rub. (Please note that this massage is not about the use of skin enhancing cosmetics, but rather a variety of massage techniques that work wonders, particularly if done regularly).


Optionally this can be booked on its own or as add-on to a back & neck or full-body massage.

Brighton & Hove

To view available slots now and/or book online please click the link below. Thank you and enjoy :)  

All treatments are for women only.

Face Lift Massage Prices


30min add-on






The Face Lift Massage can also be booked as a 30min add-on (at reduced cost) to a back & neck or full body Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage or Pregnancy Massage

5-Star Face Lift Massage at Body Mind Space Hove


— Sarah Humphries

 The massage was really enjoyable, the setting was very cosy and relaxing and I felt completely at ease. I will definitely be back. Thank you

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