A monthly Yoga - Meditation - Chanting Workshop

 January - April 2014




Come and join a day (each month) of calm and inspiration!


You will explore more deeply some of the wonderful and transformative yogic practices taught in the Satyananda Yoga tradition. This is the perfect opportunity to gain a more thorough understanding of some of the ancient yogic techniques. Each month we will focus on a particular topic - from the importance of the breath as a bridge between the outer and inner world, the concept of nadis or energy channels in the body and vital energy whirlpools known as chakras, to the universal sound of Om and ultimate stillness within, you will learn about the subtle realms of our existence and how we can get in tune with our real inner self.


Besides plenty of practical sessions there will be time for discussions, questions and answers, personal advice, lovely herbal tea and yummy lunch breaks :)


A workshop packed with tools to tone and invigorate your physical body, unwind your mind and emotions, revive your energies and find inner strength, calm and spiritual upliftment. Uncover simple yet mighty ways of how to bring about a greater sense of balance, harmony, health and well-being and develop a more refined awareness of the effects of yogic practices.


You are encouraged to book the complete course as the workshops build up on eachother slightly, however you are welcome to only book individual days. Below the dates as currently planned. (These dates are flexible at the moment so please let us know if you are keen to come to all but unavailable for a particular one. We will endeavour to find dates that suit most of our dedicated yogis :)


As always a yummy Indian lunch with dal and rice and other goodies will be provided accompanied by lovely herbal tea.

Yoga Workshop Dates:


January 25th - Energy, Consciousness & Matter


Our existence from a yogic point of view. We will explore the concept of the koshas (the five dimensions of human existence), nadis (energy channels in the body) and  gunas ( the three qualities of nature inherent in all)


February 22nd - Chakras and our Personality


Chakras are psychic centres responsible for specific physical, mental and  psychic functions. Explore how they influence our thoughts, emotions and actions. A chance to get a deeper insight into the concept of the chakras, tune in and learn techniques to balance and harmonize their function.


March 22nd - The power of sound


Mantras are subtle sound vibrations which liberate energy and expand our consciousness to the subtle realms of our being. A wonderful way to focus the mind, balance emotions, open the heart and tune into the transcendental spheres of existence! Explore various methods of mantra meditation and chanting. Weather permitted we will have a havan (fire ritual)!



Time: 10am -  4.00pm


Price: £45 per single workshop or £160 for all four (save £20!). Pre-booking essential. Concession fees available.



Please feel free to phone or email for more details.

It would be lovely if you can make it! 





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