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Baby Massage Course in Hove

Benefits of Baby Massage

Baby massage is a beautiful way to bond, get to know each other, build up trust and relax together. Touch, scent, voice and nearness of parent/carer, soothing music and a calming and nurturing environment all help baby to relax, and with that also promotes overall health and well being (for both baby and carer :). 

Some typical issues baby massage can help with:​

  • reduce stress /  increases 'happy hormones' (endorphins :)

      => Oxytocin and prolactin are released whilst the stress hormone cortisol decreases.

  • promote healthy sleeping pattern

  • relieve from wind

  • ease colic/ crying

  • help with digestive problems/ constipation

  • reduce growing pain

  • help teething pain

  • encourage respiratory functions

  • improve blood and lymph flow

  • improve assimilation of nutrients

  • aid removal of toxins from the body

  • improve flexibility

  • develop body awareness and coordination

  • relieves headaches

  • alleviates mental and emotional stress

Baby Massage - What to expect?

You will learn about the benefits of massage, precautions, and how to prepare, which oils to use, and in total 40! effective massage strokes to treat baby from head to tippi toes :) Each session will last for about an hour. You will also receive a folder with drawings/ descriptions of all the moves learned as well as a little bottle of oil, for you to take home.

Brighton & Hove

Please email or phone Yvi to arrange your sessions :)  

Baby Massage Course Prices


1-2 carers/ 2x1h

3-4 carers/ 3x1h 

£70 joined

£40 each 

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby


— Riarna

Myself and two friends did a baby massage course with Yvi and it was fantastic! Really calming relaxing environment which the babies loved. It was informative and easy to follow. We have implemented many of the massage techniques at home too. Would definitely recommend these sessions to anyone who wants some extra bonding time with their little ones!

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