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Vibrational Sound Massage is a powerful healing treatment that promotes deep mental and emotional well-being, muscular relaxation and an overall sense of balance and equipoise.

Private 1 to 1.

What to expect?

During this wonderful healing treatment Tibetan Singing Bowls are placed directly on the body and gently tapped to create their powerful vibrations and sounds. This creates a 'vibro-acoustic massage' which penetrates deeply into each and every part of your being, resonating with your own vibrational (prana) body, thus harmonising imbalances on both physical as well as mental-emotional level. 


The full body treatment will be 60min; or alternatively you can book an add-on of 15min or 30min to complement a Deep Tissue/ Swedish Massage, Face Lift Massage. 

Please wear comfortable cotton or silk clothing (avoid Lycra material for Sound Bath Massage). 

The sound bath massage is not offered to pregnant women or people with epilepsy.

Deep Relaxation

The powerful and wonderfully harmonic sound vibrations will make you feel utterly relaxed, replenished and re-rejuvenated. Stress and anxiety just leave you as though floating away with the sound vibrations, whilst you remain in a wonderful state of mental clarity and harmony. This is a truly unique experience promoting healing from deep within.

'What a fabulous treatment the sonic massage is. I loved the intense massage feeling as the vibrations moved outwards from the centre to the outer edges of my body each time the Tibetan singing bowl was struck. Yvi is a total pro and I can’t recommend this treatment enough if you want to relieve any aches and stresses . An amazing relaxing experience in a wonderfully cozy setting. Total bliss.'


'The sound massage was extraordinary never had anything like that before the sound and vibration of the bowls made me drift to a very peaceful state of mind. I truly recommend.'

Benefits of Sound Massage

This treatment has truly magic results - to name a few:

  • relieves muscular tensions

  • aids recovery of physical illnesses or injuries

  • reduces pain

  • improves reproductive functions

  • on mental-emotional level is deeply relaxing

  • helps to reduce anxiety

  • helps to cope with depression

  • alleviates insomnia








All therapies are for women only.

Sound Bath Massage Prices

For a unique and even deeper and effective experience, why not try one of the below?

  • Yoga & Sound Bath Massage Package: A bespoke invigorating yoga class suited to your abilities & needs, followed by a wonderfully relaxing and healing Sound Bath Massage.  More info here

  • Meditation & Sound Bath Massage Package: A fusion of healing Sound Bath Massage and deeply calming and inspiring guided mindfulness meditation & Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). 1 to 1/2... More info here


I tried the sonic massage last week. It was so relaxing. Unlike anything I have experienced. The vibrations give a floaty feeling & the weight of the bowl resting on you felt great - was like a big floaty hug!!! Would definitely recommend tagging it onto a massage if you wanted to try it before doing a full treatment.

—Sarah Watson

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