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Massage Therapy in Hove

Massage Therapy is an effective way to promotes health and well being, both of body and mind. Whilst on a physical level therapeutic massage helps to release muscular tensions and improve all bodily functions, the wonderfully relaxing and nourishing effects of massage on mental-emotional level truly aid the healing process from deep within.
Treatments at BodyMind Space will leave you feel replenished, revitalised, centred and grounded. Enjoy some well deserved time just for yourself to relax and recharge once in a while!

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Deep tissue massage Brighton and Hove

Stronger pressure is applied allowing to work with the deeper layers of muscles and tissues of specific problem areas., in particular with chronic pains and tensions... 

Swedish Massage in Hove

Gentler pressure is used to relax muscular tension and improve blood circulation. Optionally aromatic essential oils are used. Usually the whole body is treated...

Pregnancy Massage in Hove

Wonderfully replenishing massage to help with typical issues occurring during pregnancy such as swollen limbs and fluid retention, cramps, leg/ back pain, headaches, mood swings...

Hot Stone Massage in Hove

An exquisite blend of warmth and touch, this treatment combines the use of smooth, heated stones with therapeutic Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage...

Natural Face Lift Massage in Hove

A natural effective alternative to Botox, this rejuvenating treatment aids reduce facial lines and signs of agingAlso helps manage migraines, sinus issues...

Sound Bath in Hove

An ancient healing treatment using Tibetan Singing Bowls which are placed on the body and repeatedly struck to create their powerful vibrations and sounds...

Yoga in Hove

A bespoke yoga class suited to your personal abilities & needs, followed by a wonderfully relaxing and invigorating Deep Tissue, Swedish or Sound Bath Massage...

Baby Massage course Hove

Learn effective massage techniques to help baby with typical issues like wind, colic, growing or teething pain, stress, sleep and the like. Private 1 to 1 or groups up to 4.

Top rated Massage Therapies in Brighton and Hove


— Deborah Manzanares

I found Yvi's yoga classes both challenging and relaxing. One of the things I like the most is that she pays close attention to how you do the postures and corrects when necessary. It is a very good class! I also had a 90 minute full body massage and it was amazing. Highly recommended!

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