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Yoga and Meditation at Body Mind Space in Hove


Brighton & Hove

Understanding the relationship between body, mind and spirit opens the door to health and well-being. Get to know simple tools that can change your life. A little time just for yourself to recharge, relax and re-centre...


Yvi has delivered yoga lessons to myself and two friends over the past few weeks and we are already reaping the benefits. We are all new to yoga and very inflexible but it simply doesn't matter - Yvi guides us through the moves focusing on our own ability levels, adjusting us as needed. There's no comparison or pressure that you might find in a large group setting. We are all gaining both physically and mentally. I highly recommend Yvi and the lovely space she works in for anyone who is new to the yoga world and wants a yoga teacher who is friendly, intuitive and kind.

— Katie Mintram

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