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'It is the mind that guides every action and reaction, idea and thought, desire and expectation in life. Mind is both, the motivating factor and the discouraging factor.'

 (Sw. Niranjanananda)


You will explore traditional meditation, relaxation and chanting practices that will unfold in you a deep understanding and awareness of your mental-emotional processes. A workshop packed with tools to unwind and revive your energies, develop inner strength, find calm and a greater sense of balance, harmony and well-being. Uncover simple yet mighty ways of how to bring about a more refined yogic attitude into your day to day life.


A journey into the subtle realms of our existence, from the concept of the koshas or five bodies that make us, the nadis or energy channels in the body and vital energy whirlpools known as chakras, to the universal sound of Om and mantra meditation that lead to ultimate stillness within.


Practices will include: Yoga, Breathing techniques (Pranayama), Pratyahara (sense withdrawl), various Dharanas (meditation practices) like Antar Mouna (inner silence), Antar Darshan (inner vision), Ajapa jap (mantra meditation) and others, Yoga Nidra (deepen relaxation), Chanting and Massage Therapy



Date: Saturday, tbc - please enquire

Time: 2-4.30pm

Price: £25

Private groups of up to eight very welcome. Please contact Yvi for available dates :)


Meanwhile remember...


'Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah' - Yoga is to govern the mind by managing the mental modifications (vrittis).

(Patanjanjali Yoga Sutras Ch. 1.2)


In order to control our mind we need an in-depth understanding of the mental processes. Vrittis are the thought waves or  mental modifications or ripples of the mind - and yoga means to restrain and control these through self-awareness.

'Tada drashtahswarupevasthanam' - The aim of yoga is to develop an awareness of all your thoughts and actions and become the witness (drashta) of all that happens in life.

(Patanjali Yoga Sutras Ch. 1.3)




'To control the mind is as difficult as controlling the air that flows all around.'  (Bhagavat Gita)



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