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Soothing Sound Bath at Body Mind Space Hove

A wonderful combination of the incredibly nourishing and healing Sound Bath Massage followed by deeply calming and inspiring guided mindfulness meditation & Yoga Nidra (a form of lead deep relaxation).


Private 1 to 1, or join with a friend and share the experience (and the cost!).

What to expect?

Your session will begin with a deeply relaxing Sound Bath Massage (or vibro-acoustic massage), an ancient sound and vibrational energy healing therapy using Tibetan Singing Bowls which are placed on the body and repeatedly struck to create their powerful vibrations and sounds. This creates a 'vibro-acoustic massage' which penetrates deeply into each and every part of your being, resonating with your own vibratory (prana) body, thus harmonising imbalances on both physical as well as mental-emotional level. 

From there you will smoothly move to some guided breath awareness, meditation& deep relaxation (yoga nidra) practises to unwind your mind and emotions, relief & manage stress or anxiety, revive your energies, find inner strength, calm and spiritual upliftment. You will explore simple yet powerful methods to bring about a greater sense of inner balance and stillness, overall health & well-being and a more refined awareness into your day to day life. Please click here for more detailed information on Yvi's meditation classes.

Please wear comfortable cotton or silk clothing (avoid Lycra material for Sound Bath Massage).

The sound bath massage is not offered to pregnant women or people with epilepsy.

Benefits & Healing

This fusion of complementary therapies will lead you into a refreshing state of being present - something we have almost forgotten about as we tend to live in the past (memories) or the future (planning ahead) most of the time. Consciously 'being present' from within lets us experience a profound state of inner balance and equipoise. Both, the wonderfully harmonic sound vibration as well as the meditation practises naturally activate the calmer brain waves (alpha and theta), inducing inner quite and calm as well as enhancing intuition and creativity. 

The initial vibrational sound bath massage deeply relaxes on physical as well as mental level, preparing you for a deeper and effortless experience of the meditation and deep relaxation practices thereafter. In combination these two therapies enhance a wonderfully calm state of self-reflection too, where the healing can begin. Perhaps you are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or trauma, worries or self-doubts in your current life, or maybe you are looking for ways to self-improve, cultivate self-love, open yourself or simply understand your own mind better. Perhaps your physical body needs healing and you are looking for a more holistic therapeutic approach. Sound therapy and mindfulness meditation (as well as yoga and other forms of holistic therapies) have been used therapeutically since ancient times, coming from an understanding that we are an integrated unit of body mind and spirit and hence need to care and cater for our physical, mental-emotional and spiritual body equally.




All treatments are for women only.

Kundalini Yoga Lotus


— Elly Witham

This was such a wonderful, unforgettable experience! Yvi shared her in depth knowledge and experience of meditation excellently and was able to adapt easily to the style of service we wanted! The sound bath massage is magical and I would love to revisit this experience again!

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