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Meditation and Mindfulness classes in Hove


Brighton & Hove

Yvi offers bespoke affordable 1 to 1 or two people at shared cost.

Meditation - in a nutshell

When the mind enters a state of deep relaxation and stillness, beyond the thoughts and emotions, whether happy or sad, desirable or challenging, when there is perfect equilibrium and a sense of inner peace, we have moved into meditation. The practice of mindfulness & meditation promotes a deeply holistic and unified approach towards life - a yogic and mindful attitude - which unfolds in us a complete and integral understanding of the interconnection between body, mind and spirit.

Meditation with Yvi - What to expect ?

Guided classes encompass mindfulness practices to unwind your mind and emotions, relief & manage stress or anxiety, revive your energies, find inner strength, calm and spiritual upliftment. Uncover simple yet powerful methods to bring about a greater sense of inner balance and stillness, overall health & well-being and a more refined awareness into your day to day life.


You will explore a variety of breathing techniques (pranayamas), mindfulness practices, the concept of prana and our energy body, chakras (energy centres within our body), wonderful sound baths with Tibetan singing bowls, mantra meditation and the like. Besides  seated practices you will also enjoy a wonderfully relaxing and deeply replenishing guided relaxation (yoga nidra).

All levels are welcome, whether this is the first time you try meditation or you have been practising for some time - these sessions offer an opportunity to explore and experience a variety of mindfulness and meditation techniques drawn from the ancient as well as modern teachings. 

Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation

To name a few:​

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • promotes deep relaxation

  • reduce/ cure insomnia

  • relieve headaches/ migraine

  • promotes a sense of inner balance

  • manage depression

  • manage anxiety

  • help with psychological trauma

  • a deeper understanding of you thought pattern/ emotions

  • clarity of mind

  • focus

  • patience

  • compassion

  • acceptance & tolerance

  • ... and so much more.






All treatments are for women only.

Buddha Statue

Meditation Package Options

  • You can opt to combine your meditation session with the wonderfully soothing  Sound Bath Massage, an ancient sound and vibrational energy healing treatment using Tibetan Singing Bowls which are place on the body and repeatedly struck to create their powerful vibrations and sounds. More info here



— Nina Deely

I've known Yvi a long time. We first met in an ashram in India many years ago. Her dedication and devotion to her practise has always been an inspiration to me. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of Yoga and its philosophy which makes her a truly gifted teacher. She has a beautiful and gentle yet powerful way in her teaching and a gorgeous presence for Kirtan and voice work… I highly recommend her classes and events

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