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Yvi offers bespoke affordable 1 to 1 classes/ private small groups of up to 4 which are available throughout the week/ weekend.

Yoga - in a nutshell

Yoga describes a variety of physical, mental and spiritual practices derived in ancient India. A regular yoga routine improves not only your physical health, fitness and flexibility but is incredibly helpful also to create a sense of inner balance and calm on mental-emotional level.  The practice of yoga and mindfulness truly encourages a deeply holistic and unified approach towards life - a yogic and mindful attitude - which unfolds in us a complete and integral understanding of the interconnection between body, mind and spirit.


Postnatal Yoga with Yvi - What to expect ?

Babies are very welcome :) Relaxed classes to tone, strengthen and re-align body, mind and spirit after pregnancy and giving birth, to connect with yourself, baby and other new mums, develop a sense of empowerment and to promote overall physical health & well-being as well as mental-emotional relaxation! 


Look forward to a calm and gentle restorative approach, with a focus on strengthening and exercising tight and tense muscle groups,  and/or a slightly stronger workout as you begin to regain your fitness and strength. You will learn and explore some essential and very useful breathing techniques (pranayama), guided deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and/ or a short guided mindfulness meditation practice, as well as chanting (babies love the harmonium!) and the wonderful sounds and vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Hands on adjustments to postures are offered throughout, allowing you to bring your body into best possible alignment available to you and work with the level you are at.

Yvi's classes emphasise a mindful and integrated understanding of your being where you will naturally be able to begin to observe, let go and move into a space of deep calm and inner silence. The 1 to 1 and small private groups class format allows for a versatile, bespoke and very personal experience.


Benefits of Postnatal Yoga

Below a few of the benefits of yoga and massage most relevant to postnatal mums:

  • strengthen back, abdominal & pelvic floor & abdominal muscles

  • tone tissues

  • improves posture

  • ease general muscular aches & tensions

  • relieve neck, shoulder, back pain

  • balances hormones

  • de-stress

  • promotes deep relaxation

  • helps with postnatal anxiety & depression

  • connect with baby

  • develop a sense of trust & confidence

  • healing emotionally 

  • reclaiming your body, mind and spirit 

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Add-On Options

  • Yoga & Massage Package Deal: For a unique and deeply effective experience, why not opt to complement your yoga class with a wonderfully relaxing and nourishing massage? An exquisite package for some well-deserved pampering! More info here

  • Or perhaps opt for the wonderfully soothing  Sound Bath/ Sonic Massage add-on of 15-30min or a full session of 1h: An ancient sound and vibrational energy healing treatment using Tibetan Singing Bowls which are place on the body and repeatedly struck to create their powerful vibrations and sounds. More info here