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Brighton & Hove

A fantastic combination of a bespoke yoga class suited to your personal abilities & needs, followed by a wonderfully relaxing and invigorating Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage. Discounted Package Deal saving you £10!

Yoga & Massage Package - What to expect?

This is an exquisite package, joining focused active body and breath-work, mindfulness and some well-deserved pampering. The package includes an initial consultation, a tailor-made yoga class, some mindfulness & meditation practices and a deeply nourishing massage treatment of your choice. Very suitable for pregnant and postnatal women as well!


Your session will begin with a 60min yoga class designed to suit your personal abilities and needs - this could be a calm and gentle restorative approach, a focus on strengthening and exercising tight and tense muscle groups, a more dynamic and stronger workout or (most of the times) a combination of it all. Hands on adjustments to postures are offered throughout, allowing you to bring your body into best possible alignment available to you and work with the level you are at. You will also learn/practise some essential and very useful breathing techniques. Depending on the length of your booking you will complete your yoga class with a short guided mindfulness meditation practice.


After the more active part of the session you can now completely let go and enjoy a well deserved and deeply relaxing massage treatment. You have the choice of a Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage or Pregnancy Massage.


Alternatively you can opt for the Yoga & Sound Bath Massage Package. (Please click the link for details).


Please wear comfortable cotton or silk clothing (avoid Lycra material for Sound Bath Massage).

Benefits of the Yoga & Massage Package

The active body work and hands-on massage truly complement each other to the fullest. Effectively the preceding yoga work-out beautifully prepares your body and mind for a much deeper massage experience: tight and tense muscles are warmed up, stretched and exercised during the initial yoga session, allowing the body to gradually relax and loosen up. During the consequent massage treatment the deeper layers of stiff and rigid muscle groups can then be reached and targeted more efficiently, allowing any remaining tensions and knots to be rubbed away.  


This package offers a very therapeutic and grounding experience for your mental-emotional body as well. Yvi has created a very peaceful safe healing space where you can let go and move inwards. The practices and techniques used are incredibly helpful to create a deep sense of inner balance and calm.  You naturally begin to witness, acknowledge and understand better what may be going on for you in your life right now and what it is that may need healing  - whether you are dealing with stress and anxiety, trauma or depression, physical discomforts or illness, or you simply wish to explore a more holistic life style. 


Some typical issues yoga and massage can help with:​

  • relieve back, neck and shoulder pain

  • ease muscular tightness and tensions

  • increase flexibility

  • aid recovery from soft tissue strains or injuries

  • speed up recovery from sports injuries

  • alleviate trapped nerves

  • ease myofascial pain syndrome

  • manage arthritis

  • helps with digestive disorders

  • helps with asthma

  • reduce/ cure insomnia

  • relieve headaches/ migraine

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • manage depression

  • help with psychological trauma

  • ... and so much more.

Yoga & Massage for Pregnant Women

This package is very suitable for pregnant women as well. Enjoy an invigorating pregnancy yoga class followed by a deeply relaxing pregnancy massageThe session offers restorative and strengthening yoga practices, breathing techniques and replenishing relaxation. Yogic practices and massage methods are chosen to alleviate discomforts during pregnancy and encourage overall physical health and well-being as well as mental-emotional balance.

A beautiful therapeutic session to connect with baby & yourself, to recharge, develop a deep sense of empowerment and prepare for a mindful birth. 

Below a few of the benefits of yoga and massage most relevant during pregnancy:

  • ease swollen limbs and fluid retention

  • helps reduce cramps

  • reduces leg pain

  • ease back pain

  • ease groin pain

  • strengthen back, abdominal & pelvic floor & abdominal muscles

  • tone tissues

  • improve posture

  • ease general muscular aches & tensions

  • reduces headaches

  • promotes deep relaxation

  • helps manage anxiety about birth and the new life ahead

  • helps cope with depression

  • reduce insomnia

  • helps mood swings 

  • boost 'happy hormones ;)

  • connect with baby

  • develop a sense of trust & confidence

Yoga & Massage for Postnatal Women

This package is very suitable for postnatal women as well. Enjoy a restorative postnatal yoga class followed by a wonderfully nourishing massage. The session will have a gentle approach offering movement, breath awareness and deep relaxation. Practices are chosen to tone, strengthen and re-align body, mind and spirit after pregnancy and giving birthA little time to recharge, replenish and just be!

Below a few of the benefits of yoga and massage most relevant to postnatal mums:

  • strengthen back, abdominal & pelvic floor & abdominal muscles

  • tone tissues

  • improves posture

  • ease general muscular aches & tensions

  • relieve neck, shoulder, back pain

  • balances hormones

  • de-stress

  • promotes deep relaxation

  • helps with postnatal anxiety & depression

  • connect with baby

  • develop a sense of trust & confidence

  • healing emotionally 

  • reclaiming your body, mind and spirit 








All treatments are for women only.



— Deborah Manzanares

I found Yvi's yoga classes both challenging and relaxing. One of the things I like the most is that she pays close attention to how you do the postures and corrects when necessary. It is a very good class! I also had a 90 minute full body massage and it was amazing. Highly recommended!

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