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Private Yoga classes in Hove

Brighton & Hove

A wonderful combination of a bespoke yoga class suited to your personal abilities & needs, followed by a incredibly calming and healing Sound Bath Massage.

What to expect?

This is an exquisite package, joining focused active body and breath-work, mindfulness with some nurturing and deeply restorative sound vibration therapy.


Your session will begin with a 60min yoga class designed to suit your personal abilities and needs - this could be a calm and gentle restorative approach, a focus on strengthening and exercising tight and tense muscle groups, a more dynamic and stronger workout or (most of the times) a combination of it all. Hands on adjustments to postures are offered throughout, allowing you to bring your body into best possible alignment available to you and work with the level you are at. You will also learn/practise some essential and very useful breathing techniques.


After the more active part of the session you can now completely let go and enjoy your well deserved and deeply relaxing Sound Bath Massage (or vibro-acoustic massage), an ancient sound and vibrational energy healing therapy using Tibetan Singing Bowls which are placed on the body and repeatedly struck to create their powerful vibrations and sounds. This creates a 'vibro-acoustic massage' which penetrates deeply into each and every part of your being, resonating with your own vibratory (prana) body, thus harmonising imbalances on both physical as well as mental-emotional level. 

Please wear comfortable cotton or silk clothing (avoid Lycra material for Sound Bath Massage).

The sound bath massage is not offered to pregnant women or people with epilepsy.

Benefits & Healing

Yvi has created a very peaceful safe healing space where you can let go and move inwards. You naturally begin to witness, acknowledge and understand better what may be going on for you in your life right now and what it is that may need healing  - whether you are dealing with stress and anxiety, trauma or depression, physical discomforts or illness, or you simply wish to explore a more holistic life style. 


This package offers a very therapeutic and grounding experience for your mental-emotional body as well. The active body work and subtle yet powerful vibrational sonic massage beautifully complement each other. Tight and tense muscles are warmed up, stretched and exercised during the initial yoga session, allowing the body to gradually relax and loosen up. As the body feels more at ease , balanced and relaxed the mind follows swift. During the consequent sonic massage | sound bath treatment the subtle vibrations gently penetrate the deeper layers of stiff and rigid muscle groups, massaging away any remaining tensions, healing the body on a cellular level from inside out, and activating the calmer brain waives to induce a profound state of inner calm and equipoise.


For more details on Yvi's Yoga classes and general benefits of yoga please click here.

For more info on Yvi's Sound Bath Massage and it's benefits please click here.




All treatments are for women only.

Healing Sound Bath at Body Mind Space in Hove


— Deborah Manzanares

I found Yvi's yoga classes both challenging and relaxing. One of the things I like the most is that she pays close attention to how you do the postures and corrects when necessary. It is a very good class! I also had a 90 minute full body massage and it was amazing. Highly recommended!

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