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Deep Tissue Massage in Hove


Brighton & Hove

During deep tissue massage therapy, stronger pressure is applied, allowing the deeper layers of muscles, connective tissues, facia and tendons of specific problem areas to be worked on, stretched and realigned. 

Muscular Pain & Tension Relief

On muscular level, deep tissue massage helps in particular with chronic pains, tightness and tensions in your neck, shoulders, back, glutes, arms and legs. 

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Some typical issues treatments can help with:​

  • relieve back, neck and shoulder pain

  • helps tightness in arms, legs and glutes

  • ease myofascial pain syndrome

  • aid recovery from soft tissue strains or injuries

  • speed up recovery from sports injuries

  • alleviate trapped nerves

  • improve flexibility

  • help digestive disorders

  • help with insomnia

  • relieves headaches/ migraine


Stress, anxiety & depression management

Often physical tensions, aches, pains or illnesses have their cause in deep rooted mental-emotional imbalances such as stress, anxiety or depression and the like. Whilst massage therapy treats the physical symptoms, a wonderful 'side effect' is a sense of deep mental-emotional relaxation and calm. As the physical body moves into a pain-free state of relaxation the mind follows, becomes still, more positive and pro-active. Yvi's treatments truly promote a sense of inner calm and harmony.

Deep Tissue Massage - What to expect?

The massage will in particular target the problem areas in your body, however if time allows a whole body treatment is recommended as all muscles work together as a whole, and usually tension or pain in certain muscles or joints of the body are linked to muscle groups in another part of the body.  The massage can include back, neck  and shoulders, legs/feet, arms/hands, stomach, head and face, and optional, wonderfully scented essential oils are used which enhance mental and physical relaxation and well-being. For a full-body treatment, a 75-90 minute session is recommended. 

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To view available slots now and/or book online please click the link below. Thank you and enjoy :)  

All treatments are for women only.

Deep Tissue Massage Prices












Massage add-on options:

5-Star Deep Tissue Massage at Body Mind Space in Hove


— Gail

I was welcomed into Yvi’s beautiful space which was such a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The whole experience was both nurturing and healing and Yvi seemed to have a deep understanding of what my body needed. I will most certainly be going back again

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