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Brighton & Hove

With a hot stone massage, massage therapist Yvi provides the option of either a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage that includes the use of hot stones (partially sourced from Brighton & Hove beach!). 

Hot Stone Massage - What to expect?

During  this treatment you will reap the benefit of both, the wonderfully soothing and relaxing warmth of heated stones as well as a Deep Tissue Massage or Swedish Massage. Look forward to a seamless quite flow between the tension relieving heat of beautifully smooth stones as they glide over your body and a hands-on therapeutic massage of your choice. The combination of these two therapies is very effective as the heat of the stones allows tense and tight muscles to warm up and relax naturally before deeper pressure is applied using hands, forearms and/or elbows.  A truly satisfying, nourishing and grounding joining of treatments that complement each other beautifully.

Yvi uses sublimely smooth flat Basalt stones (volcanic rock) which are traditionally used for Hot Stone Massage, as well as some of our beautiful local stones from Brighton & Hove beach!

Hot stone massage includes legs/feet, back, shoulders, neck, arms/hands and head. For a full-body treatment, 90 minute treatment is recommended.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

The beneficial effects of this treatment are similar to those of Deep Tissue and/or Swedish Massage. However, with the use of the hot stones the treatment can be more effective as the massage therapist is able to work deeper and faster into tense, tight or painful muscle groups without creating discomfort for the client (after all a deep tissue massage can be a little challenging at times!).

Here some of the benefits that Hot Stone Massage provides:

  • relieve muscular tension, tightness and pain

  • relieve back, neck and shoulder pain

  • helps tightness in arms, legs and glutes

  • ease myofascial pain syndrome

  • aid recovery from soft tissue strains or injuries

  • speed up recovery from sports injuries

  • alleviate trapped nerves

  • improve flexibility

  • help digestive disorders

  • help with insomnia

  • relieves headaches/ migraine

  • alleviates mental and emotional stress

  • helps manage anxiety and depression







All treatments are for women only.


Massage add-on options:


I always love my massages with Yvi, but today's new hot stone massage was amazing and I highly recommend it. The hot stones were deliciously warming and relaxing and then the hands on massage felt better than ever. I have insomnia and anxiety but always sleep better and feel lovely and calm after one of her treatments and the effects last. Yvi is fantastic!


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