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Nourishing Pregnancy Massage in Hove


Brighton & Hove

A pregnancy massage is a wonderfully replenishing therapeutic treatment which helps mum-to-be unwind, de-stress and connect with baby, as well as manage physical discomforts. Pregnancy is a wonderful and very special time - but can be challenging now and again, bodily as well as emotionally. A new life grows within your own body - that is no small task! Yvi has created a wonderful calm and nurturing space for you to relax and recharge - a little time just for you and baby...

Benefits of Pregnancy  Massage Therapy

Pregnancy massage promotes a state of deep physical and mental relaxation and well-being.

Some typical issues treatments can help with:​

  • relief of lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain

  • help with pelvic girdle pain

  • ease general muscular strain and  tightness 

  • reduce swelling in limbs & fluid retention

  • manage leg cramps

  • ease myofascial pain syndrome

  • improves blood and lymph flow

  • improves assimilation of nutrients

  • aids removal of toxins from the body

  • improve flexibility

  • help digestive disorders

  • help with insomnia

  • relieves headaches/ migraine

  • alleviates mental and emotional stress

  • helps manage anxiety and depression

  • manage mood-swings due to hormonal changes

Empowerment & Balance

Pregnancy massage also decreases anxiety about birth and the new life ahead and encourages a deep sense of empowerment and inner balance.

Mood-Swings, Stress, Anxiety & prenatal depression management

Hormones change constantly during your pregnancy and they can make you feel happy, excited and euphoric some days, but equally may leave you feel unbalanced and emotional at other times. Lack of sleep due to muscular discomforts or cramps etc will also effect your well-being, or you may suffer from feeling sick even after the first trimester. Besides, the wonders and worries what life may be like with a(nother) child on board may be daunting. This can all make you feel low, irritable, anxious and unsettled. Regular massage treatments during your pregnancy can help you deal with all these challenges as it promotes the release of endorphins, the 'happy or feel-good hormones' which will uplift your mood, help centre and ground yourself again and generally create a sense of mental-emotional well-being.

Pregnancy Massage - What to expect?

The entire body is treated, including back, neck  and shoulders, legs/feet, arms/hands, head and face. Lighter pressure is applied, and optional, wonderfully scented essential oils like lavender, chamomile, frankincense, bergamot or geranium (all safe during pregnancy) are used which enhance mental and physical relaxation and well-being. A full body treatment is recommended as all muscles work together as a whole, and often tensions or pain in certain muscles or joints of the body are linked to muscle groups in another part of the body. However, specific problem areas can be targeted as needed. For a full-body treatment, a 75-90 minute treatment is recommended.

To view available slots now and/or book online please click the link below. Thank you and enjoy :)  

Pregnancy Massage Prices










My best pregnancy massage by a wide margin! Yvi was really lovely and I loved the environment for the massage - lots of space, beautiful high ceilings, calm ambience etc. Yvi offered a much firmer massage than the others I've had during pregnancy - which made a big difference (I was no longer being tentatively stroked!). In particular, the back massage was seated - which was so much more effective than lying on my side - and the face massage was divine. Great value.

— Layla

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